The Big Question
How Many Websites Should A Radio Station Have?

Two possible answers are:
  1. One website promoting all of our stations in the cluster
  2. One website for each of our radio stations

We think both answers are incorrect.

We believe the correct answer is one website for each radio station to specifically promote that station. AND, one more website, designed as an online news source, independent of any one radio station, but designed to feed information to all of the other websites, to your radio station air staff and to the community as a whole. A local online portal that can compete with any other local news portal.

The Next Big Question
How Can We Help You Accomplish That Lofty Goal

Understandably, creating an online news portal that truly reaches out to the community sounds like a daunting task. The goal is to produce a website that allows your staff to easily maintain and interact with during the normal flow of their busy broadcast workday.
We’ve developed a website model for radio stations that allows you to deepen your commitment to your local community with news and information that your listeners will find relevant and informative.
Many media companies, particularly radio stations, understand this concept – the problem is delivering on the promise. In our particular situation we have been doing this for over 15 years but it wasn’t until we found the combination of “ease of input” on our part with “ease of use” on our consumer’s part did we finally find the formula to deliver larger audiences and dramatically increased revenue.

Increase your Profit

More and more people are turning to the web to get their daily news and information. Put your self in a position to deliver the content your customers are demanding.

Local News Source

Become the local news source for your commnunity. Give your clients another median to advertise their business and you will find new clients.

Pieces Of The Puzzle

Let us show you some proven methods for content delivery and promotions. RMG has put the pieces of the puzzle together to make it easy. Read More...

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